Thursday, December 18, 2008

in 2009, I resolve...

to drink more wine...

Doesn't that just sound like a wonderful resolution? and also to write about it more. Since I've been slacking in both catagories for quite some time!

I like wine. No, actually I love wine. I do. When I moved into my house 6 years ago, I ripped out a bathroom & a mud room to make room for a 100 case wine cellar, an area that I could insulate the heck out of and climate control for temperature and humidity. None of the rest of the house has anything remotely close to this type of climate control for the mammals living in it, but I went through the effort and expense of ensuring my wine was comfortable. I mean, really - that MUST be love!! (or at the very least passion.)

So then, why is this something I need to make a resolution to do? I couldn't tell you...I guess the only (somewhat lame)excuse I can offer you, is that I have been caught up doing many other wonderful and fun things, that it's just sorta slipped by the way side. Oh, and there was that time period a month or so ago, called harvest - where really the last thing I wanted to sip outside of work, was any product made from grapes.

Looking back at the past couple of months, I only recall having wine on 4 occasions! 4!!! (Some of you reading this may have had wine 4 times this week!) Infact for Thanksgiving this year, there was some experimentation with various fruits and mezcal and we had a mead tasting. (which could make for a blog all it's own)

I did make a big batch of sangria for Turkey Day... although wine based ... I personally CANNOT count that as being actual 'wine' when I cut a blader with a gigantic chef knife and poured it into a 5 gallon bucket... but there was no traditional wine in our celebrating.

Note** lack of traditional wine at Thanksgiving did NOT hinder the fun that was experienced, nor lessen or cheapen the memories made although it may have been cause for some memories to be erased and several photos not fit for publishing!

So, my resolution for 2009, is to drink more (and by that I mean MORE WINE), experience some different wines, from places & regions I haven't been, or rarely drink, and as far as the local stuff goes, try some wines I didn't have a hand in the making of, and perhaps dust off some older bottles that have been hiding in my cellar for several years, and bring them out - put them on a table (with some great food & company of course) and delve in and enjoy. (and to remember to WRITE about them!.. drat - need to remember that little important part!)

To accomplish said resolution, I plan on enlisting the help of my friend Jack. (The Chef, not the whiskey) As he is responsible for 2 of my 4 recent wine consumptions.. One being a bottle of Dornfelder and another an unusual bottle of Chianti. Jack also happens to love wine, and will make a wonderful cómplice. Since my birthday party, I have been dying to try some more Georgian wine (not the state, the country) but it seems to taste best with some lamb, and potatoes and ... you get the picture, I'm thinking whole dining experience, Russian perhaps -- rather than just cracking open a bottle.

Now, all this talk of food, and friends, and wine!!! has me in a festive mood.. so perhaps I should start my resolution early!! Like next week - since, no matter what you celebrate there are several great excuses for popping open a few bottles and sharing with friends, not to mention Champagne for New Year's!!!

I've been 'selectively forgetting' about several cases of bubbles in my cellar, which I'm sure my friends would be more than happy to meet the likes of J, Dom and Pierre and allow them to dance across thier tongues this New Years Eve. And perhaps I can bring Mr.Roederer, Ms. Shramsburg and the Tattinger's to the festivites too!

Oh!!! I'm so excited! Now with all this party planning (read: wine drinking!) I suppose I should also resolve to work out more, volunteer my time to charity & help others in need... oh wait, I already do... I guess that means I just need to focus on drinking more! oh and cheese! of course!!! all this wine, will certainly call for some cheese!!! and you can't have cheese without Pâté and chocolate!! no you cannot forget the chocolate... and ..

... and with that, I am wishing you all a happy holidays and now, I'm going to tuck myself into my cellar and search for some wonderful bottles to start this resolution out right!

Happy (what ever you celebrate) Holidays!

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