Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not over, 'til we get it right...

... or the fat lady sings

...or until the last grapes come & in my case thats still several hundred more tons of reds, and then later (much later) some late harvest.

In the course of this harvest, I have met some more very interesting people in the wine biz. Some of them winemakers, some of them wine lovers and one pretentious winesnob (I can take or leave the last one)

So here I am today, promising you a look into the 'futures' of my blog - a few interviews with some people whose style and vision of winemaking inspire me, as well as a couple of more 'techy' pieces about certain aspects of winemaking you may or may not think about when you uncork the bottle infront of you.

But for now, I must finish my pumpovers, punch downs and ML ferments!

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