Monday, January 5, 2009

Learning & Writing about Wine in 2009!

Well, 2009 is here, and I’m trying very very hard to make good on my resolutions.

I am putting into practice the one I made about drinking (and therefore writing) more about wine.

Thanks in part to my amazing employer, I have a large education budget each year for furthering my knowledge, so long as I can apply it to my job… therefore, I will be taking about 10 college units this spring (yes, and still working full time, and doing everything else in my crazy life - soccer, charity work and traveling every chance I get)

3 of my classes are wine classes. Doesn’t that just sound horrid? Getting paid to learn about wine!!! (smirk) After reviewing the course curriculums, it looks to be mostly refreshing the knowledge I crammed into my brain about 10 years ago, the first time through college, so a refresher semester is a much welcome starting point.

That being said, I realize that many people haven’t had the luxury of this much wine education, and some of the points could be interesting topics for my blogs, so I will try to find the nifty things, and word paint them into something that is digestible and entertaining.

Stay Tuned, classes start the week of January 12th!

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